APRIL 13, 2019



We're back home at Oakes Oval for Round 2.


Updated 9 April, 2019

Below are the previews for all three grades for the round 2 game against the Byron Magpies at Oakes Oval, Lismore. At the end of all three games, a post round summary will be posted with pictures right here.

If only there was an extra minute in the final quarter in last weekends round 1 game against the Tweed Tigers, the Reserves might have been coming in to round 2 against Byron with a confident win, however it wasn't to be. But, they can certainly take a lot out of their first encounter as a group together.

They'll be needing to connect as a group a lot quicker against a well drilled Byron outfit who won their round 1 game against Ballina Bombers, and are the reigning Premiers in the Reserve & Senior grades. 

There were many new faces in the Swans reserves game last week, and they all put in 100% effort for the red and white guernsey and will need to be confident they have the potential to keep improving, and what a test round 2 presents. 

Oakes Oval will be in prime condition and no doubt the first game of the day will be an absolute cracker. Bring on Byron, bring on the best, and give it our all, because this group has lots of potential.

Last week something special happened in our third year of the women's league, Byron Magpies Women's squad got their first win ever. They beat the Ballina Bombers convincingly and have entered 2019 in the best way possible.


Last week also saw a fantastic start for the Swans too, as we really worked hard through all four quarters to beat a determined Tweed, so expect a fantastic match at Oakes for round 2 with both teams looking to start 2019 with two on the trott. 

In the third year of competition the skills have dramatically improved, and the contest for the footy is as fierce as ever, so expect an intense battle on all parts of the ground. The key for the Swans is using their experience to control the game, link all over the ground and apply scoreboard pressure. 

The Swans leaders stood tall, but consistency is the key and leading every week is what makes a great team, so this will be another crucial test for the Swans women. Add in the many new faces with varying degrees of experience who gave so much input last week who will also be tested, this week will be a great show on how well the squad can back up after a tough win. 

It's round 2, it's Oakes Oval, and it's so many question marks. Ahhhh, that's why we love footy. 

It's no secret how much round 1 hurt. It was hard to watch the final quarter and accept the result, but when you look beyond the pain, you see plenty of hope for 2019. It was a solid performance by the Swans Men's squad and it was very heart warming to see the Swans link up and play such fantastic footy.

This squad is resilient enough to push forward and come in to round 2 excited for the best encounter a developing team can face- the reigning three times Premiers. What a test, what an opportunity and what potential. 

The squad has a great mix of experience and youth who are keen to prove they are capable of weekly selection and that's what having reserves depth brings. The key to round 2 is playing for each other, playing with the confidence that the hard training they've endured through the summer will come together. 

Players who have been involved for a number of years now must take the next step and really lead by example, and bringing with them the new players who have joined for 2019.


This is a great group, and playing for each other is now a natural habit, now playing for the four points must also become habit, because there is a great function room to drink cold beers post game, and it'll be even better if the drinks are victory beers. 


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