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Legend Legoe's 150th

Has there been a better defender to grace the field than the quiet, calm and reliable Vice-Captain Angus Legoe? The South Australian born now local has worn the red and white for 10 years and this weekend plays his 150th game at the upgraded Oakes Oval. In what is a true testament of consistency and willingness to keep learning, Legoe is proof that just like a good South Australian wine, your football career can get better as you age.

For many who have known Legoe since his arrival in 2008 are aware that he is potentially one of the all-time great defenders in the 34 year history of the Lismore Swans. He may be a quiet and calm presence off the field, but on the field Legoe is relentless in his ability to prevent forwards from scoring goals, and he also kick starts many Lismore rebounds and entry in to our own forward 50.

"From the first moment I ever saw Legoe play, to watching him last week, he hasn't changed his game style one bit, he is still the same player that came to the club in 2008, with that intelligent style of football that always picks apart his opponent" current and 200+ gamer Daniel Bruce explains.

"He is also an absolute top bloke too" Bruce adds.

Legoe grew up in the south eastern parts of South Australia near a town called Lucindale and played his junior football in those regions, before moving to Melbourne to study at Melbourne University, and representing the University Blacks squad.

Lifestyle and personal commitments brought Legoe to Lismore and he wasted no time signing up with the Swans at the start of the 2008 season. Legoe reflects on his time with the club and has nothing but positive feelings towards the Swans.

"Getting to 150 games is such a great feeling, and I have definitely had so many great times at this football club.

I have been so fortunate to play with so many great people at the Swans over the years, that there are too many names to select from" Legoe recalls.

But when asked what his ultimate moment is, Legoe reflects back to 2011.

"Winning that 2011 flag was a major highlight for me" he explains.

The ever so humble and genuinely nice Legoe is still playing some of his best footy, defining the odds and proving how consistency is one of the most important ingredients a player can have. Current Swans coach Joey Mitchell feels blessed to have such a hard-working yet humble personality in the squad.

"His presence brings so much experience to this squad, allowing our younger players to feed off his relentless yet smart approach to defending quality opponents, it's a pleasure to coach someone who is still willing to learn and be open to instructions. It's probably why he keeps getting better with age" Mitchell explains.

With the first game at Oakes this weekend, Legoe can expect the Tweed Tigers to bring their usual bullish style to try and gain control of the game, however as always Legoe will be up for the challenge and is excited.

"It should be a tough, but fantastic contest this weekend, and moving to Oakes Oval is so exciting. All our teams are playing well, and our men's squad are not far away from a win, we just need to keep training hard" Legoe believes.

The Wine Grape Council of South Australia is expecting the 2018 vintage to be a "pearler", with the warm, dry weather helping produce exceptional grapes with intense colours and flavours, we have already seen Legoe produce some of his best footy in 2018, the 32 year old is ageing in to one of Lismore's all-time greats, but he isn't ready yet to be pulled off the rack in the celler just yet, as this vintage is staying top shelf.

That is definitely one hell of a CHEER CHEER. Happy 150th Gussy.

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