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From Dust till Lawn

We get the President to explain his view on the pending Oakes Oval completion and what it all means. This is a script that has the hallmarks of a Tarantino classic, not necessary the plot per se, but in how a movie can grow on the unsuspecting public, way after it has premiered. Cult classics can take time to mature and when they do, they live through time as masterpieces which have a devout and active communal following. The same can be said for the game we love in a region of Australia that is jammed packed full of different sporting codes, hobbies and craft. But what will be the fate of our great game in years to come be in Lismore, and like a cult classic movie, will it strike up a devout and active communal following to expand on our current loyal base of supporters and members because of Oakes Oval?

At Oakes Oval yesterday there was a chorus of voices and activity much like that at a movie set, with the turf supervisor acting as a director ensuring each roll of turf was placed perfectly in its rightful position. What was previously set as a sand base filled with nutrients, was being covered by the new sacred turf of Oakes Oval, which will soon see numerous defenders streaming with gusto out of the danger zone, or perhaps game changing forwards turning on a dime and slotting a clutch goal through the new thicker and taller goal posts. It's certainty a relief to finally see what became a dusty pit during construction, now resemble the fertile rich and lush green turf we have been waiting for.

The opportunity for our football club in years to come in some way will resemble the new turf, because just as the turf is attaching itself to the soil foundation and getting stronger, we too will only grow stronger as we find our feet in our new home, and pulling in new fans and members.

This will only happen through endless hard work. The opportunity is endless and if all goes as planned, we too will have an ever bigger devout and active communal following much like that of a cult movie, and may take time to mature. But rest assure there won't be any vampires in this cult classic such as that of Tarantino's 'Dusk Till Dawn', but it could be argued the ‘bloods’ culture will be growing strong, and many will be sucked in. Cheer Cheer. Philip Tsourlinis

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