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A Clear Vision Paves the Way to Success

The Lismore Swans have a five year plan which outlines our vision and goals to become the benchmark club by 2021. As the clock ticked over to midnight January 1 2018, it signaled the start of our second year towards achieving this grand vision. If you haven’t read the strategic plan, please visit this webpages ‘Club Info link and scroll down to Strategic Plan or click here

The question must be asked however, how on earth do we achieve such a grand vision of success? Are we aiming too high? Is it unrealistic? What does success look like?

To help us all understand our path a little better, I think by ‘having a clear vision, it allows us to define success’. Put it simply, if we are all aware of our vision, and we are all working together towards our common goals, as a club, we can really achieve success.

The strategic plan simply draws up a path towards success, and it is up to us to lay the foundations and bricks of that path one by one.

No doubt in 2017, we have began to build the foundations of this path, but in 2018 for us to move closer to our vision, the club now needs to have a larger percentage of people buying in to our path. That person is you.

I want you to consider what you think success will look like at the Lismore Swans. It doesn’t matter how far fetched it may seem, but consider the following:

- how many people will it take to achieve this success?

- does it fit within our strategic plan’s ‘values’?

- what’s in it for the community?

I would love to hear as much feedback as possible to the above and hearing the different responses.

Besides your employment or your own family, there isn’t too many things in life where you as an individual have a direct influence in achieving a common goal, and being a part of a generational change. In fact as a club, right now we are on the precipice of change, and I hope you are as excited as I am.

Look forward to hearing your responses.

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